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Guillen’s Greatest Distraction
Ill-timed comments could walk team and GM out of town
By: John Malioris, Jr.

    It has long been a trademark of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to cause a bit of a stir
during a slump to alleviate the pressure on a struggling club; however contract talks amidst a
five game winning streak and pennant race was barely the appropriate topic or timing to do so.

    Grant it, Ozzie honestly and simply answered a question from a reporter; however
understanding the situation and his intellect, it would be hard to guess that he would respond
in such a manner that would directly affect his team. His 2012 option was picked up the day of
his roast and Sox Fest- hopefully to avoid his future of becoming a distraction during the 2011
season- but when asked about it, he answered the question honestly.
    No different than his honesty has been his passion for toying with lineups, although he
hasn’t done as much with struggling hitters
Adam Dunn and Alex Rios; moving them up and
down and periodically out of the lineup, but not as often or extended length of time as many
would expect. This considered and knowing Ozzie hasn’t made one uncalculated move during
his managing career, to say lack of adjustments with these players is reasonless is simply
    His reasoning could be proving his point to Chairman/Papa of the organization, Jerry
Reinsdorf that he has been using Kenny William’s pieces and for several consecutive years of
playing along now it hasn’t worked; or to ostentatiously show that he is the one worth keeping
and needs a general manager that will work with him in building a team that fits his needs.
    It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Ozzie genuinely wants to remain in Chicago after
managing for eight years; however it is reasonable to say- with a ring- that it can be done
given the proper players. This isn’t handing the team over to Oz, but investing the team’s
future in him and finding someone who is willing to work with his philosophy in mind.
    Regardless of what Ozzie’s message was by putting those particular comments into ink,
they didn’t cause the distraction the team needed to start a difficult stretch run towards a
division title. He imposed his agenda through the topic of the distraction, rather than create
something controversial for media to focus on- much like he did with the lineup.

    Working for Reinsdorf and his family outlook on the organization, it causes those within the
walls to prove their worth; only to be achieved through long term financial investment and
security. It’s this sense of favoritism that Guillen and Williams have been fighting for since
2005- and while Kenny seemed to have the upper hand- it appears Guillen may have hand as
KW’s most recent ugly acquisitions look nothing but pine-worthy.

    So even though Guillen’s comments may have been damaging to the team, they could be
most damaging to Williams.

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